What We Do

Drive game-changing insights into your plant equipment with Asset Answers - the only benchmarking solution that provides monthly data updates for all your assets to compare and track performance.

Everyone wants it... But do you really need it? What you really want is useful data that provides the context that can help you affect significant changes that have an impact on your business.

Everyone has bad data!  That’s true.  But, the corollary is also true – Everyone has good data!!

The incremental value of Asset Answers doesn’t lie in our data quality and cleansing capabilities … but our customers have discovered it’s a pretty significant side benefit.

No matter what shape your big data is in, Asset Answers statistically scrubs it and identifies your target areas for improvement, down to the equipment level.

Because Asset Answers uses industry-accepted metrics (like MTBF and MTTR) and maps to a standard data taxonomy, you don’t have to deal with data hassles.

And, Asset Answers provides an automated data quality report every month, so you can easily pinpoint data input errors and other data quality issues that need to be corrected – and, keep them corrected!