What We Do

Drive game-changing insights into your plant equipment with Asset Answers - the only benchmarking solution that provides monthly data updates for all your assets to compare and track performance.

When you benchmark your own sites and industry peers around the globe, you get a true picture of how well you’re operating. See how your costs, productivity and downtime measure up, then drive informed, strategic decisions for managing your production assets … all using the data you already have.

This comparative approach targets not only underperforming plants and units in your company, but also provides a mark for your equipment-level improvements.

And, evaluations against peer organizations give you strategic insight into how you’re doing across your industry … and how to gain competitive advantage.

Three categories of metrics drive insights for improvement:

  • Corrective Cost Analysis – the real story about planned vs. unplanned work
  • Repair Event Analysis – highlights failure rates and repairs by equipment or group
  • Asset Availability Analysis – shows maintenance effectiveness with a focus on critical assets

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